My name is Lucy Daniels and I own and run Daniels Dogs.  I am a qualified and registered dog trainer, and a provisional Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

I gained my BSc(Hons) Canine Behaviour and Training Degree in 2015.  I also have a diploma in Therapeutic Canine Massage and am trained in Canine First Aid.  I am a full member of the UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and am a registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. I am currently working towards full Clinical Animal Behaviourist status.

I have been running the business for over fourteen years now and have worked with hundreds of different dogs, from puppies through to oldies, all sorts of breeds, crossbreeds, mixes and mutts. My passion is to help families and their puppies and dogs have an amazing relationship and avoid the common behaviour problems that arise, usually during adolescence, causing problems later on.

My whole approach to working with dogs is about building that strong bond and relationship. This is achieved using positive, motivational and reward based training methods only, underpinned by a thorough working knowledge of puppy development and canine behaviour.

I am fully insured for all aspects of my work, as any trainer/behaviourist should be, and I regularly attend courses, workshops and seminars covering all aspects of dog behaviour and training in order to keep up-to-date with the most recent advances in animal training and behaviour modification.