About Lucy

Helping you and your puppy or dog share a wonderful life together is at the heart of what I do.

friendly local Abergavenny dog trainer Lucy Daniels
How well-behaved and happy your dog is doesn’t depend on how obedient they are.

I want to help you understand your pup’s whole world; their emotional, physical and social world, and how that impacts their behaviour.

Local expert and professional dog trainer Lucy Daniels in Wales
I work with you on a one to one basis, providing you with a completely unique and bespoke training and/or behaviour support plan that is personalised for you and your dog.

The plan always includes:

Helping you understand how to meet all their needs

Taking into account how important their emotional experience is
Teaching you how to learn how to speak their unique language so you understand each other perfectly
Supporting you to build that amazing bond
Resolving all those puppy raising or behaviour worries you have.
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Priceless email support

Carlos the dog

“From the first time Lucy came to the house, you could see that she really cared about helping both us and our dog live a better life together.

She was patient throughout and always used the most positive and welfare focused methods.

We went from a dog that would not walk at all on the lead, to a dog that now can’t wait to go! She was always willing to give lots of advice around what we could work on in between sessions and has worked on lots of different areas of his behaviour.

The email support was absolutely priceless and helped us keep on track between sessions.

With the advice on our dogs well-being, she also advised we had certain things checked out with the vet, which lead to early identification of problems that we can now hopefully have caught early enough for preventative measures.

We cannot recommend Lucy enough to others and wouldn’t hesitate to book in some further sessions if needed in the future.”

Sophie with Carlos

What should you look for in a trainer/behaviourist?

  • Someone who uses the most up-to-date, ethical and effective methods and puts the animal’s welfare first.
  • Formal, accredited qualifications and education undertaken at recognised and accredited academic bodies such as a university.
  • Skills, knowledge and understanding that have been formally assessed at the highest level, by industry-leading fully accredited professional organisations.
  • Actual practical experience of working hands-on with people and their puppies and dogs.

Why you should choose me to support you on your dog training journey

  • Qualified, registered, insured
  • 16 + years experience working professionally with dogs
  • FdSc Canine Training and Behaviour (awarded best student)
  • BSc (Hons) Canine Training and Behaviour
  • Clinical Animal Behaviourist registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council

  • Registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council
  • Fully assessed and accredited member of the Professional Association of Canine Trainers
  • Full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors
  • Always furthering my knowledge, understanding and skills by staying up to date with the latest research and evidence-based practice
Lucy Daniel Dog Trainers dog Chika in field
Expert dog trainer Lucy Daniels Abergavenny Usk Raglan New Inn Pontypool Blaenavon Cwmbran Monmouth and Chepstow
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Other things to know about me!

I’m currently owned by two mixed breeds; both rescues I’ve had since pups.


Sophie – my little worrier; Sophie is by nature very anxious and worried about things. She also has had to cope with chronic pain and medical issues, which contribute to her concerns about other people and dogs.

She has taught me so much about the importance of understanding and focusing on the emotional side of things for dogs; managing this has meant she can still live her best life.


Chika – my talented, sensitive, and soulful girl who I have had the best experiences with.

We’ve had so many adventures together, not least of all completing and passing an intense operational Canine Search and Rescue training course.

Living abroad

I once lived in the Philippines for three years working as a scuba diving instructor – I’ve been lucky enough to swim, snorkel and scuba with dolphins, sharks, rays and seen the most stunningly beautiful coral reefs and wonderful marine life that live among them.

I'm a total nerd!

I am a total behaviour nerd and particularly love the neuroscience aspects of behaviour and how that impacts on everything we and our pets do in our lives.
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