Do you have a teenage tyrant?

  • Has your wonderful puppy stopped listening to you?
  • Not coming back when you call?
  • Dragging you down the road?
  • Bothering other people or dogs out on walks?
  • More impulsive and high energy?
  • Suddenly forgotten all the basic training they were so good at as a pup?
  • Jumping up, barking?
  • Or suddenly fearful, reactive and unpredictable?

Welcome to adolescence!

For many dogs and their owners, adolescence can be a very trying time and it is not uncommon for the dog/owner relationship to break down during this phase.

Depending on the size of dog you have, adolescence occurs anywhere between 5-6 months and 18-24 months, and involves many changes in your dog’s body, brain and behaviour. Sadly, this is also the age range of most of the dogs that end up in rescue due to behaviour problems.

With the right support and guidance it is perfectly possible to get back on track and navigate your way successfully through the teenage phase and still end up with the wonderful companion you dreamed of.

My teenage tyrant program is easy and straightforward to work through. Simple exercises and games work on recall, impulse control, self regulation, focus on the owner and how to settle and switch off. Puppy clients who have been through my puppy program get priority places and a discount.

Lessons take place in your own home, or at your local park or regular dog walking area, as required. All training is done using positive, reward and relationship based methods. Lessons are backed up with written notes, video tutorials and recommendations, and email support throughout the training.

If you are unsure of what training or help you might need, please contact me to arrange a free no obligation call.