Behaviour Consultations

It can be very hard emotionally and physically if you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour.  My goal with a behaviour case is to guide you through the process of understanding your dog’s behaviour, looking at and identifying all the possible causes, and then support you through the process of trying to reduce or eliminate those causes and help your dog back to a state of balance and well being.

Behaviour problems can include aggression (including resource guarding), reactivity, fear, phobias, anxiety, separation related behaviours, noise sensitivity, stress, trauma, abnormal repetitive behaviours, hyperactivity, excessive excitement/over arousal, barking and destructive behaviours.

Behaviour change takes time, patience and commitment.  I will help you learn to understand why your dog is behaving the way he or she is and support you to support them during the process.

Behaviour consultations are done on veterinary referral only. 

The basic behaviour consultation package consists of:

  • Assisting you to obtain the necessary veterinary referral
  • Initial full history taking and assessment session (2-3 hours, either in the privacy of your own home, here at my base, or online). This is split into two sessions; an initial online history taking session, and then an in person assessment, but this does vary depending on circumstances and location.  
  • Initial recommendations and coaching on management and behaviour modification. 
  • You will then receive a written behaviour modification plan with supporting training plans and tutorial videos.  Your vet will also receive a summary report, and I will liaise with them further if necessary.
  • Six weeks of email support.
  • Weekly online catch up, progression and trouble shooting.
  • Online final review session after the six weeks (or longer if veterinary visits/investigations/treatments have been necessary)

Further ongoing support and/or rehabilitation sessions can be booked as necessary.

You may be able to claim on your insurance for the cost of the behaviour consultation.  You will need to check with your insurers if you are covered.

Free discovery call – if you would like to know more and chat your case through with me please contact me to arrange a free 15 minute discovery call.

I am a pre-certified candidate member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FABC) and a provisional member of the Association of Animal Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). This means that I have achieved the appropriate level of knowledge and understanding for the professional role of Clinical Animal Behaviourist, and I am now gaining the practical experience necessary to be assessed as a full CAB. Both the FABC and ABPC support their provisional members undertaking behaviour consultations.