Adult Dog Training

Positive, reward and relationship-based one-to-one training.

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Ready to bring out the best in your dog?

One to one help, guidance and support to work out any of your dog training issues. From basic skills to more advanced problems we can cover anything from recall and general manners to body care and grooming.

I also offer fun enrichment training including an introduction to scent work and mantrailing.

If you’re not sure what training you need or would like to try, please feel free to contact me to arrange a quick complementary call.

Kind, caring and supportive dog training

All training is done using positive, reward and relationship-based methods.

Lesson locations to suit you

All the above activities are done on a one-to-one basis in your own home or on your local walks, as appropriate.

Full support documentation is provided

Lessons are backed up with written notes, video tutorials and recommendations, and email support throughout the training.

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Basic Skills Refresher

Including: recall, walking nicely on the lead, settle, leave it, general manners and life skills
advanced skills dog training

Advanced Skills

Including: remaining focused around distractions, emergency stop and progressing life skills
dog care and grooming help and support

Body Care & Grooming

Learn the principles and techniques of consent-based co-operative care for things like brushing, nail clipping, putting the harness on etc

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Fun Activity Training

This type of training is great for building an amazing relationship with your dog, teaching them new skills, helping them build more confidence and provides the best kind of enrichment keeping both their minds and bodies healthy throughout their adult lives.

Choose from: Scent work, Mantrailing, Tracking, Trick Training or Brain Games

enrichment based dog training

Enrichment Consultations

Learn how to use enrichment for sensory, cognitive and emotional well being and learning.

These sessions are amazing for all dogs, but puppies, elderly dogs, and nervous or fearful dogs will particularly benefit from enrichment training.

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Huge difference in Buddy’s confidence

Buddy the dog
“Lucy came to us to do scent training and nose work games with our Golden Retriever who got very restless after our older dog died.

The training made such a difference to him, and he absolutely loves the activities and games she did with us.

It really made a difference to his confidence levels too, after our older dog died Buddy had become quite nervous on walks, but after a couple of weeks of the scentwork he was his happy self again.

Would highly recommend!”

Janet and Simon (with Buddy)

Expert local dog training scentwork
Expert dog trainer Daniels Dogs Abergavenny Usk Pontypool New Inn Blaenavon Cwmbran Raglan Pandy
Local dog trainer Abergavenny Usk Pontypool New Inn Blaenavon Cwmbran Raglan Pandy
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