Puppy Training Classes

Daytime Puppy Classes in New Inn, Pontypool

  • Socialisation, Life Skills and Basic Training
  • Puppies aged between 8 and 20 weeks at the start of the course
    • (Puppies must be at least 7 days post their first set of vaccinations)
  • Short, four week courses, one hour classes
  • Only four puppies per class, so lots of individual attention
  • Training based on modern methods of puppy training focusing on helping you to help your puppy become the perfect pet dog for your family
  • New class starts every four weeks, Thursdays at 9.30 am during school term
  • New Inn Community Hall, New Road, New Inn, Pontypool, NP4 0PZ

Next course starts Thursday 12th March  9.30 am

To check availability and book your place please contact Lucy at danielsdogsuk@gmail.com   or on    07931 887718

A note about vaccinations:

Between three and twelve weeks of age, all puppies go through what is known as the socialisation period.  During this period of time it is essential to provide the optimum opportunities to expose the puppy to the socialisation and habituation experiences that will shape the pups entire future and how well they learn to cope with life and everything that life throws at them.

Waiting until after your puppy has had their second lot of vaccinations may mean that they miss out on vital early experiences.  Research has shown that lack of socialisation in early life is the most common cause of behavioural problems such as fear and aggression later on, and that behavioural problems are the number one reason that dogs get relinquished to rescue shelters or are euthanised.

The lifelong behavioural benefits of attending a well run puppy class led by a qualified trainer far outweigh any potential health risks.