Small Animal Visits

If you are planning a night away or a long holiday, Daniels Dogs can visit to look after your cats or other small furry animals.  Your pets can be fed, watered, cuddled and cared for and litter trays, cages or enclosures cleaned out,  just the way you would like.

I have many customers who are very happy to have me visit their cats at home rather than have to put them into a cattery.  Most cats hate any change to their routine, and I can visit to feed and check on mornings and/or evenings so that they can stay in the comfort of their own home and avoid the stress and disruption of being taken somewhere strange.

Over the years I have done visits for a large range of different animals.  Mice, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, fish, ferrets, budgies, parrots, guinea pigs, chickens and even some pet sheep, to name just a few.

Your instructions on feeding and care are followed to the letter, and you can enjoy your time away knowing your pets are in the best possible place; at home being well looked after.

I can also open and close curtains, turn lights on and off and bring post in so that it doesn’t look obvious that you are away.  Indoor pot plants can also be watered.


Each visit is charged at £5.00 for up to 15 minutes.