Salliann, Carrow Hill

Our beautiful ball of fluff Lucy, a standard cream Labradoodle, loves nothing more than to go for long muddy walks, or running around an open field playing tag with other dogs. Since we work long hours it has been an absolute god send to find Daniels Dogs. They collect Lucy (and a towel) 3 times a week and take her to the woods for a good hour to play with her friends. The proof of their success can be seen when, on the odd occasion I’m home when they arrive, Lucy gets incredibly excited and can’t wait to set off. Then on their return she is only too happy to stand patiently whilst they hose all mud from her paws before towel drying her ready for a well-earned afternoon nap. Come rain or shine Daniels dogs have been absolutely fantastic, putting Lucy first, completely reliable, flexible around public holidays and have even fed our cats whilst we were away with Lucy on Holiday. Can’t recommend them enough!

Danny, Caldicot

The first reason I chose Lucy when I was looking for someone to trust walking my beloved Labrador Ebby was that she was a member of the APDT. Having known about this organisation for some time, and whole heartedly agree with their principles and training methods, she was the natural choice for me ahead of money, but when I looked at other prices for the same service, Lucy’s prices were the same, and in some cases, a little less – BARGAIN!!

Having gotten to learn more about Lucy as a person I have found her to be totally professional, devoted to her vocation in life. She is honest, reliable and someone I can really trust with Ebby and of course, the key to my home.

I would recommend Lucy to anyone requiring her services, she seems to understand exactly what Ebby’s individual needs are as an older, much loved, Labrador.  I’m sure Ebby loves her daily walks with Lucy, but as yet, she hasn’t ever told me that she is taken out in the daytime whilst I’m at work – who’d have thought!?

Bottom line for me is that Ebby is in qualified, safe, caring hands on her walks when I’m at work.  This gives me total peace of mind that my dog and home are safe and secure.

Jon, Undy

When I moved to the area I needed to find a dog walker that was reliable and one of course that clicked with Harvey.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Lucy on both those counts and should add that it is a real blessing to know that I can go to work knowing I’ve a happy and well exercised dog to look forward to seeing later.  If you want a dependable and highly professional service then look no further than Daniel’s Dogs.

David and Leanne, Caldicot

When Leanne went back to work full time we decided it wasn’t fair for our one year old working cocker spaniel, Alfie, to be left in the house alone so much, so we decided to pay for him to be walked on our longer working days. When Lucy first came to the house she was very professional and had all the paperwork and permissions ready, and ran through everything thoroughly to ensure that all of our and Alfie’s requirements were understood.

Alfie is as mad as they come, and has seemingly boundless energy! He loves nothing more than being out and about, other than being out and about with some canine friends to play with. During normal walks Alfie is too boisterous for most dogs, but Lucy made sure that he is walked with a group of young, equally friendly dogs that he can run, chase and box with without us having to worry. On the days Alfie is walked by Lucy he is noticeably tired in the evenings, which is quite an achievement for a dog with so much energy!

On occasion when Alfie hasn’t been available for a walk, but the standing order payment has still been paid, Lucy is very prompt to inform us of our credit, and very flexible to accommodate additional walks that we request. I would highly recommend Daniels Dogs to anyone considering using a dog walking service; Lucy is very reliable and trustworthy, and Alfie loves her!

Kate, Caerwent

We used Daniels Dogs for help walking our 4 year old border collie.  From the off, Lucy was fantastic, arranging to come and meet us and our dog first, giving us the chance to ask loads of questions and to check we all got along.  We particularly appreciated how flexible Lucy was with her service – accommodating extra walks or changing the ‘walk days’ at short notice.  And we knew from how tired our dog was at the end of the day that she was having a great time and that Lucy was doing a great job.  It was such a shame that when we moved, Lucy couldn’t come with us!

Dog training testimonials

Jenny and Simon, Parc Seymour

Lucy came to help us with Kernow our Golden Retriever when we were finding the puppy training classes that we were attending didn’t suit him.  Lucy clearly understands dogs and equally important is able to communicate the training techniques to us humans too with a bucket load of patience that was needed for us as first time dog owners!   We have been equipped with the techniques to work towards a well mannered dog and would not hesitate to use Lucy again.

Brenda, Caldicot

‘I was at my wit’s end and even considering re-homing my Springer spaniel when I called Lucy Daniels who I found online.  My dog pulled me along whilst walking and would never come back when she was loose.  She was no pleasure.  When Lucy came to the house, she was so patient with me, whilst I got my dog interested in fetching a ball back, something the dog hadn’t done before.  Also, encouraging me to spend many hours on recalling my dog.  Lucy doesn’t expect to come back to you every week but is happy to come back when you think you’ve cracked what you’re supposed to be doing, which I thought was good, as I didn’t want to be paying out every week.  She trains you the owner not the dog!  It’s common sense really and we all know it but it’s just good to have Lucy to back you up every now and again.  I would definitely recommend Lucy. She helped save my sanity!’