Adult Dog Training

Adult dog training is done on a one to one basis working with your specific requirements. Lessons can take place in your own home, or at your local park or regular dog walking area, as required.

The benefit of one to one lessons is that you get the full attention and individualised tailored training specific to you and your dog’s needs. Or it may be that you have a dog that has been unable to cope with class lessons for whatever reason.

Common reasons why I get asked to train adult dogs:

  • Not coming back when called
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Jumping up at people
  • Doggy mayhem when visitors arrive at the house
  • Not listening
  • Lack of basic obedience
  • Constant attention seeking
  • Newly rescued adult dog that needs basic training or help settling into their new home

The number of lessons you need depends on what the training issues are; sometimes one lesson is enough and sometimes three or four are needed. 

Lessons are then followed up with written notes, videos and recommendations, and email support for up to one month following lessons.

My whole approach to dog training and behaviour modification is based on the most up to date and science based knowledge. The methods I use are based on positive, motivational and reward based training and interaction between dogs and their owners.

If you are unsure of what training or help you might need, please contact me to arrange a free no obligation call.