PLEASE NOTE:  I now have only one space left; this is on my morning (8.30) walk.  This would be available only for dogs living in the Penhow or Whitebrook area.

There are many reasons to use a dog walker.  You may be out at work all day, or unwell or elderly and not feel able to provide the exercise your dog needs.

Studies undertaken at Bristol University Veterinary School showed that one out of every four dogs get depressed or distressed when left alone all day.   Dogs are very social animals and many of them do not cope well at all when left alone for long days. Lack of exercise and boredom can cause all sorts of other physical and behaviour problems.   Using Daniels Dogs to walk them not only breaks up their day, but provides them with both human and canine company, plenty of exercise and lots of fun.

Dog walking can be done on an individual basis or in a group walk.  A maximum of five dogs at a time are taken on group walks, and this helps increase their socialisation and exercise opportunities. All dogs are temperament tested before joining a group walk.

Walks are on or off lead, depending on your instructions. Dogs travel in their own allocated space during transportation to and from walks. Your dog is then dropped back at home, cleaned up and dried off if necessary and fed and/or watered if requested.

I do ALL the dog walking myself, I do not contract out or use staff, therefore you will ALWAYS know exactly who is coming to your house and walking your dog, and when.

As an experienced dog trainer with a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training, you can be sure that your dog will be in the safest of hands.  On all my walks I include some training, whilst ensuring that any inappropriate behaviour is not rewarded in any way.

Contact me to arrange a free dog walking consultation where I come to your home to meet you and your dog and discuss all your needs and the walking arrangements.

Areas covered for dog walking include Caldicot, Sudbrook, Portskewett, Deepweir, Caerwent, Crick, Undy, Rogiet, Magor, Five Lanes, Carrow Hill, Shirefield, Penhow, Parc Seymour, Whitebrook and surrounds.


Individual walks:

Half hour – £10 per walk
One hour – £15 per walk

Group walks:

Half hour – £7
One hour – £11